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28-01-1871 Death of Charles-Alexis Chauvet, Paris Chauvet (1837-1871) died of Tubercolosis. He was the first organist of the Sainte-Trinité in Paris. Guilmant succeeded him.
29-03-1871 Guilmant became organist of Sainte-Trinité in Paris  
11-07-1871 Completed: Prélude, Opus 41 nr.1 (Paris)  
12-07-1871 Completed: Fughetta en la mineur pour Harmonium, Opus 29 (Passy-Paris)  
23-07-1871 Completed: Antienne, Opus 33 nr.1 (Boulogne-sur-Mèr)  
October 1871 Completed: Canzonetta pour Harmonium, Opus 28 (Paris)  
08-12-1871 Completed: Villageoise pour Harmonium, Opus 32 (Paris)  
15-12-1871 Completed: Romance sans Paroles pour Harmonium et Piano (Paris) - unpublished  
16-02-1872 Completed: Aspiration Religieuse pour Harmonium, Opus 30 (Paris)  
March 1872 Completed: Mazurka de salon pour Harmonium, Opus 35 (Paris)  
12-05-1872 Completed: Verbum supernum - Hymne au Saint Sacrement, Opus 33 nr.3 (Boulogne-sur-Mèr)  
05-10-1872 Completed: Antienne nr.1 - Pour un 2e ton (Xe mode Transposé), Opus 39 nr.4a (Paris)  
01-03-1873 Completed: Primavera - Mélodie pour Soprano ou Ténor et Piano (Paris) - unpublished
28-03-1873 Completed: Arie 'Ce que dit le silence' - Rêverie
11-06-1873 Completed: Élévation, Opus 39 nr.1 (Paris)  
21-06-1873 Completed: Autre élévation - Ecce Panis, Opus 65 nr.33 (Paris)  
21-06-1873 Completed: Ecce Panis - Élévation, Opus 65 nr.32 (Paris)  
  Completed: Fugue, Opus 40 nr.1 (Paris)  
20-07-1873 Completed: Canon, Opus 40 nr.3 (Paris)  
03-08-1873 Completed: Antienne nr.2 - Pour un 5e ton, Opus 39 nr.4b (Paris)  
26-08-1873 Birth of John Hermann Loud in Weymouth, Massachusetts (USA) Loud was a pupil of Guilmant. He was organist in Springfield and Brooklyn (USA)
Guilmant dedicated the "Deo Gratias" in livraison 10 of the Organiste Liturgiste opus 65 to him.
15-09-1873 Completed: Communion (no.3), Opus 45 nr.5 (Paris)  
21-09-1873 Completed: Canzone, Opus 40 nr.2 (Paris)  
10-10-1873 Completed: Offertoire, Opus 39 nr.2 (Paris)  
11-10-1873 Completed: Communion, Opus 39 nr.5 (Paris)  
14-10-1873 Completed: Mélodie, Opus 46 nr.4 (Paris)  
19-10-1873 Completed: Marche, Opus 39 nr.3 (Paris)  
24-10-1873 Completed: Offertoire sur des Noëls, Opus 39 nr.6 (Paris)  
02-11-1873 Completed: Cantabilé, Opus 41 nr.4 (Paris)  
16-05-1874 Completed: Deuxième marche funêbre, Opus 41 nr.3 (Paris)  
25-05-1874 Completed: Sortie - Ave maris stella, Opus 65 nr.10 (Paris)  
11-06-1874 Completed: Marche de procession, Opus 41 nr.5 (Paris)  
12-06-1874 Completed: Final - Grand choeur, Opus 40 nr.4 (Paris)  
27-06-1874 Completed: Élévation, Opus 41 nr.6 (Paris)  
23-07-1874 Worked on: Magnificat - Six versets, Opus 41 nr.2 (Paris)  
24-07-1874 Worked on: Magnificat - Six versets, Opus 41 nr.2 (Paris)  
25-07-1874 Worked on: Magnificat - Six versets, Opus 41 nr.2 (Paris)  
26-07-1874 Completed: Magnificat - Six versets, Opus 41 nr.2 (Paris)  
30-07-1874 Birth of Harry J. Zehm, Kutztown, Pennsylvania (USA) Zehm was organist in North Carolina and musical director of the Elisabeth College
27-10-1874 Completed: Mélodie - Romance sans paroles, Opus 45 nr.3 (Paris)  
02-11-1874 Completed: Tempo di minuetto, Opus 45 nr.4 (Paris) Completed on 5 o'clock in the afternoon!
05-11-1874 Completed: Marche de la Symphonie-cantate 'Ariane', Opus 53 (Paris)  
24-11-1874 Together with Alphonse Mailly Guilmant played the inauguration concert of the Pierre Schyven organ at the Church of Our Lady in Laeken, Brussels, Belgium.
He played his first sonata here, in the presence of Leopold II, the king of Belgium, to whom he dedicated his sonata.
20-12-1874 Completed: Élégie-fugue, Opus 44 nr.2 (Paris)  
07-03-1875 Completed: First of the six strophes pour l'hymne: Iste, Opus 65 nr.11 (Meudon)  
05-05-1875 Completed: Fantaisie sur deux mélodies Anglaises, Opus 43 (Meudon)  
06-05-1875 Completed: Strophes pour l'hymne de l'Ascension - Salutis, Opus 55 nr.4 (Paris)  
18-06-1875 Completed: Alla Siciliana (pour piano), Opus 48 nr.2 (Sèvres)  
June 1875 Completed: Adoration, Opus 44 nr.1 (Sèvres)  
July 1875 Completed: Marche de procession sur deux chants d'église - Fantaisie, Opus 44 nr.3 (Sèvres)
Completed: Marche fantaisie pour orgue et orchestre, Opus 44 nr.3a (Sèvres)
August 1875 Completed: Lamentation, Opus 45 nr.1 (Sèvres)  
07-09-1875 Completed: Prélude et fugue, Opus 58 nr.1 (Sèvres)  
05-10-1875 Completed: Verset et Amen pour l'hymne 'Ave maris stella', Opus 45 nr.2 (Sèvres)  
26-10-1875 Demonstration concert for the Committee of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the "Paleis van Volksvlijt", Amsterdam Guilmant played: Prélude à Cinq Parties pour les Jeux de Fonds - J.N. Lemmens / Toccata and Fugue c minor - J.S. Bach / Allegro Moderato - Th. Salomé / Adoration et Invocation - Th. Salomé / Grand Choeur alla Haendel - Guilmant and de First Sonata of Mendelssohn
27-10-1875 First (inauguration) concert of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the "Paleis van Volksvlijt", Amsterdam Guilmant played: Toccata and Fugue d minor - J.S. Bach / Toccata in d - Sweelinck / Grand Choeur alla Haendel - Guilmant / Marche Funèbre et Chant Séraphique - Guilmant and the First Sonata of Guilmant
28-10-1875 Second concert of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the "Paleis van Volksvlijt", Amsterdam  
30-10-1875 Third concert of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the "Paleis van Volksvlijt", Amsterdam  
03-02-1876 Completed: Coeur de Jésus Enfant - Cantique (Paris)  
05-02-1876 Completed: Prière, Opus 47 nr.4 (Paris)  
06-02-1876 Completed: Quatre versets, Opus 49 nr.5 (Paris)  
17-02-1876 Completed: Sortie, Opus 46 nr.2 (Paris)  
18-02-1876 Completed: Communion, Opus 46 nr.1 (Paris)  
  Completed: Offertoire, Opus 46 nr.6 (Paris)  
20-04-1876 Completed: Marche, Opus 56 nr.3 (Paris)  
20-05-1876 Completed: Les croisés à Jérusalem pour choeur d'hommes sans accompagnement (Paris)  
27-05-1876 Completed: Deux Strophes: Veni Creator Spiritus, Opus 65 nr.8 (Paris)  
22-06-1876 Completed: Offertoire, Opus 47 nr.3 (Argenteuil)  
11-07-1876 Completed: Invocation, Opus 50 nr.2 (Argenteuil)  
11-07-1876 Completed: Canzona, Opus 47 nr.1 (Argenteuil)  
18-07-1876 Completed: Ode pour Sopran ou Tenor et Piano (Argenteuil) - seems to be unpublished  
04-08-1876 Completed: Scherzettino (pour piano), Opus 48 nr.5 (Argenteuil)  
17-08-1876 Completed: Grand choeur Triomphal, Opus 47 nr.2 (Argenteuil)  
13-09-1876 Completed: Verset, Opus 47 nr.5 (Argenteuil)  
  Completed: Deuxième sonate: Final, Opus 57 nr.3 (Paris)  
  Completed: Deuxième sonate: Larghetto, Opus 57 nr.2 (Paris)  
18-10-1876 Completed: Absoute, Opus 49 nr.1 (Argenteuil)  
20-10-1876 Completed: Allegretto, Opus 49 nr.4 (Argenteuil)  
20-10-1876 Completed: Offertoire sur 'O Filii', Opus 49 nr.2 (Argenteuil)  
27-10-1876 Completed: Fugue alla Händel, Opus 49 nr.6 (Argenteuil)  
28-10-1876 Completed: Choral, Opus 49 nr.3 (Argenteuil)  
  Completed: Deuxième sonate: Allegro moderato, Opus 50 nr.1 (Paris)  
04-07-1877 Completed: Andante con moto, Opus 52 nr.5 (Argenteuil)  
10-07-1877 Completed: Lamento, Opus 90 nr. 4 (Argenteuil)  
14-07-1877 Completed: La crèche - Pastorale et adoration, Opus 50 nr.3 (Argenteuil)  
14-08-1877 Completed: Sortie pour la fête de l'Assomption de la Ste. Vierge - Sûr la prose: Induant justitiam, Opus 50 nr.4 (Argenteuil)  
26-09-1877 Guilmant played the inauguration recital of the new Joseph Merklin organ in the Temple Neuf in Strasbourg, Alsace, France.  
06-03-1878 Completed: Madrigal, Opus 52 nr.3 (Paris)  
28-04-1878 Notated 'Air de Procession' (Air Aragonais), as sung by mr. Michel (Paris)  
06-05-1878 Completed: Communion sur 'Ecce panis Angelorum', Opus 59 nr.3 (Paris)  
15-05-1878 Completed: Grand choeur dans la tonalité Grégorienne, Opus 52 nr.2 (Paris)  
  Completed: Scherzo symphonique, Opus 55 nr.2 (Paris)  
07-08-1878 Inauguration concert of the new Cavaillé-Coll organ in the "Salle des Fêtes" of the Trocadero Palace in Paris The concert program contained: Marche by Chauvet, Marche funèbre et chant séraphique, opus 17, by Guilmant, Concerto in Bes major by Händel, Adagio from the first sonata by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Grand choeur alla Händel opus 18, by Guilmant.
25-12-1878 Completed: Adagio de la Symphonie-cantate 'Ariane', Opus 53 (Paris)  
21-01-1879 Completed: Scène Lyrique 'Balthazar' pour soli, choeur et orchestre, Opus 51 (Paris)  
23-07-1879 Birth of Tracy Young Croxall Cannon in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) Cannon was the assistent organist of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. He was a pupil of Guilmant.
10-08-1879 Worked on: Épithalame, Opus 58 nr.2 (Paris)  
05-11-1879 Completed: Marche d'Ariane, Opus 53 nr.3 (Paris)  
02-01-1880 Completed: Prélude funêbre, Opus 69 nr.3 (Paris)  
05-02-1880 Inauguration concert of the new Cavaillé-Coll organ in the Cathédrale Sainte-Croix in Orléans, together with Henri Tournaillon, organist of the cathedral  
May 1880 Performance of all Händel concertos with organ and orchestra For the first time in history all Händel concertos were performed in France with orchestra.
All performances were held at the Trocadero Palace. Guilmant played the organ parts.
17-6-1880 Inauguration of the new organ of Église Notre-Dame du Taur in Toulouse New organ with 40 stops, three manuals en pedal by Théodore Puget. Guilmant played the inauguration concert together with a couple of local organists from Toulouse.
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