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1891 Guilmant played the inauguration concert of the Cavaillé-Coll organ of the Église Notre-Dame in Grand-Andély (Les Andélys), France
28-01-1891 Completed: Pie Jesu pour baryton ou basse, Opus 73 (Meudon) Written in memory of his father
21-04-1891 Completed: Third of Cinq Strophes: Sanctorum meritis, Opus 65 nr.41 (Meudon)  
06-07-1891 Completed: Offertoire: Rex gloriose, praesulum, Opus 65 nr.36 (Meudon)  
11-07-1891 Completed: Deux Strophes: Saepe dum Christi où Iste Confessor, Opus 65 nr.31 (Meudon)  
14-07-1891 Completed: Marche religieuse - Offertoire: Iste Confessor, Opus 65 nr.30 (Meudon)  
21-07-1891 Completed: Fourth of Cinq Strophes: Sanctorum meritis, Opus 65 nr.41 (Meudon)  
31-07-1891 Completed: Fifth of Cinq Strophes: Sanctorum meritis, Opus 65 nr.41 (Meudon)  
04-08-1891 Completed: Communion (no.4), Opus 74 nr.4 (Würsbourg)  
07-08-1891 Completed: Consolation - Andante, Opus 74 nr.2 (Bayreuth)  
09-08-1891 Completed: Andante sostenuto, Opus 74 nr.3 (Bayreuth)  
10-08-1891 Completed: Allegro giocoso, Opus 74 nr.3 (Bayreuth)  
06-09-1891 Première of the Andante Sostenuto et Allegro Giocoso, Opus 74 nr.3 in the Sainte-Trinité in Paris  
01-11-1891 Performance of Guilmant's transcription of the Sinfonia of Cantate nr.29 by J.S. Bach during the morning service at 9 o'clock in the Sainte-Trinité in Paris  
25-11-1891 Carl Ludwig Werner completed an article in the "Neue Zeitschrift für Musik" about the value of Guilmant for the organ world The article is published in volume 58 nr. 47
25-01-1892 Completed: Offertoire, Opus 75 nr.4 (Meudon)  
06-03-1892 Completed: Fugue, Opus 75 nr.3 (Meudon)  
02-07-1892 Completed: Arrangement of Sarabande et Fuguette by Couperin (Meudon) Published in the 'Répertoire des concerts de Trocadéro'
19-07-1892 Guilmant played the 'Marche du St.Sacrement' by Charles-Alexis Chauvet as offertoire during the service at Sainte-Trinité, Paris  
24-07-1892 Guilmant played the Andantino g minor of Joseph Rheinberger played in the Sainte-Trinité, Paris  
27-07-1892 Completed: Hymne: Quis novus Coelis agitur Triumphus? - Iste Confessor, Opus 65 nr.50 (Meudon)  
01-01-1893 Guilmant became 'Chévallier de Légion d'Honneur'  
07-07-1893 Completed: Cantique à Sainte Radegonde, à 4 voix mixtes avec accompagnement d'orgue (Meudon)  
16-07-1893 Guilmant played "Bist du bei mir" of J.S. Bach as offertoire  
18-07-1893 Completed: Strophe et Amen: Salutis humanae sator - Quicumque Christum quaertis - Jesu dulcis memoria, Opus 65 nr.54 (Meudon)  
25-07-1893 Completed: Le bon Chinois pour Chant et Piano (Meudon)  
31-07-1893 Inauguration of the Columbian Exposition Organ in Chicago by Clarence Eddy The Columbian Exposition Organ was opus 700 of Farrand & Votey
08-08-1893 USA première of the Morceau de Concert, played by William C. Carl at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago  
19-08-1893 Departure of 'La Bourgogne', taking Guilmant from Le Havre in France to the USA Departure for the first American tour
25-08-1893 Completed: Chant du matin - Bluette, composed on board of 'La Bourgogne)'  
27-08-1893 Arrival of 'La Bourgogne' in New York, USA  
30-08-1893 Check-in in Hotel Windemere in Chicago. After Guilmant attended the organ recital by B.J. Lang in the Festival Hall.  
31-08-1893 On August 31, 1983, Guilmant gave the first of four recitals on the opus 700 Ferrand & Votey organ installed in Festival Hall at the Chicago World's Fair. (23rd of all concerts during the exposition) Program: Toccata in F - J.S. Bach / Offertoire in D flat (opus 8) - Théodore Salomé / Sonate Pontificale - Lemmens / Invocation in B flat - Guilmant / Final in E flat - Guilmant / Cantabile in A flat - Samuel Rousseau / Sonata no. 3 - Mendelssohn-Bartholdy / Marche Funèbre et Chant Séraphique - Guilmant / Canon in b minor - Schumann / Toccata in G - Théodore Dubois / Improvisation on a given theme / March for a Church Festival - W.Th. Best
01-09-1893 Second concert during his first American tour Sonata no.2 - Mendelssohn- Bartholdy / Meditation in A flat, Aloÿs Klein / Sonata no.4 - Guilmant / Piece in F sharp minor - Samuel Wesley / Pastorale in F - Lemmens / Andantino in D flat - Alexis Chauvet (transcribed by Guilmant) / Prelude and Fugue in a minor - J.S. Bach / l'Adieu des Bergers - Hector Berlioz (transcribed by Guilmant) / Fugue in C - Buxtehude / Communion in A - Eugène Gigout / Gavotte in F - Padre Martini (transcribed by Guilmant) / Improvisation on a given theme ('Old folks at home') / Fugue in D - Guilmant
02-09-1893 Third concert of his first American tour Guilmant improvised on the 'Marseillaise'.
03-09-1893 Guilmant played the Evening service at First Presbyterian Church, Chicago, where Clarence Eddy was the organist  
04-09-1893 Fourth concert of his first American tour Improvisation on 'John Brown's body'
07-09-1893 Guilmant played the new Roosevelt organ at the Chicago Auditorium  
11-09-1893 Guilmant travelled to Saint Louis, Missouri  
12-09-1893 Two concert by Guilmant at the Grand Avenue Presbyterian Church in Saint Louis  
15-09-1893 Guilmant arrived in Detroit. Here he stayed at the Cadillac Hotel. In the afternoon Guilmant visited the organ factory of Farrand & Votey. In the evening he gave a concert at the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church  
16-09-1893 Guilmant travelled to Canada and visited the Niagara Falls  
17-09-1893 Guilmant played the Evening service at Central Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  
18-09-1893 Guilmant played a recital at the Central Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada  
19-09-1893 Guilmant concert at the Metropolitan Methodist Church, Toronto, Canada  
21-09-1893 Guilmant played the inauguration concert of the new Casavant organ at the Nouvelle Cathédrale in Montréal, Canada  
22-09-1893 Guilmant visited the Casavant organ of the Église Notre-Dame in Montréal, Canada. This organ was under construction.  
22-09-1893 Guilmant played the second concert at the new Casavant organ at the Nouvelle Cathédrale in Montréal, Canada  
23-09-1893 Recital by Guilmant at the Basilique of Québec Ciy  
25-09-1893 Guilant returned to the USA, where he played a recital concert in Old South Church, Boston, Massachusetts He played the Sonate Pontificale of Lemmens
26-09-1893 Guilmant visited King's Chapel in Boston  
26-09-1893 Second concert in the Old South Church in Boston  
27-09-1893 Concert at the Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, USA  
28-09-1893 Concert at Grace Church, New York City  
01-10-1893 Inauguration concert of the new Farrand & Votey organ at Saint Paul's Church in Oswego, New York, USA  
02-10-1893 Concert at First Baptist Church in Rochester, New York, USA On his program he had the first sonata of Mendelssohn
03-10-1893 Concert at the Johnson organ in Delaware Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church in Buffalo, New York, USA  
04-10-1893 Concert in Euclid Avenue Baptist Church in Cleveland He improvised on the melody of 'Auld Lang Syne', as requested by the audience.
05-10-1893 Concert in the Gray Chapel of the Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware  
06-10-1893 Concert at Oberlin College Chapel, Ohio  
07-10-1893 Concert at the First Congregational Church in Toledo, Ohio  
09-10-1893 Concert in Carnegie Hall, Allegheny (Pittsburgh)  
10-10-1893 The Manuscript Society of New York invited Guilmant for a diner at the Fifth Avenue Hotel  
11-10-1893 Concert at Peddie Memorial Church in Newark, New Jersey, USA  
12-10-1893 First performance in America of Balthazar (opus 51) and some other works.  
13-10-1893 Afternoon: Concert at South Church, Madison Avenue, New York City  
13-10-1893 Evening: Concert at First Presbyterian Church, New York City  
14-10-1893 Concert at Infantry Hall in Providence, Long Island, followed by a reception in the Naragansett Hotel  
15-10-1893 Guilmant played the morning service at Saint Agnes' Church, New York City  
15-10-1893 Evening concert at Old First Presbyterian Church, New York City  
16-10-1893 While travelling to Philadelphia Guilmant composed a 'Prelude en Sol' for organ, dedicated to William C. Carl (unpublished)  
16-10-1893 Concert at the Drexel Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
16-10-1893 Concert at the Blind Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
17-10-1893 William C. Carl sent a telegram to the president of the United States, mr. Grover Cleveland, in which he confirmed a visit by Guilmant to the White House.  
18-10-1893 Concert at the New York Avenue Church in Brooklyn, New York, USA  
18-10-1893 Concert at the New York Avenue Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, New York, USA  
19-10-1893 Concert at the Drexel Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
20-10-1893 Concert at Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Maryland, USA  
21-10-1893 Departure of 'La Touraine' from New York Guilmant returns to France
27-10-1893 Completed: Grand choeur en forme de marche, Opus 84, on board of 'La Touraine'  
31-10-1893 62th and final concert in the Festival Hall in Chicago, by Clarence Eddy Clarence Eddy played the Marche Triomphale of Jaak-Nicolaas Lemmens
12-11-1893 Performance of the Fuge in f minor of Händel as sortie at Sainte-Trinité  
08-07-1894 Feast of the Holy Sovereign Pontiffs in Paris Guilmant played the 'Offertoire Rex gloriosae' from opus 65
31-07-1894 Inauguration concert of the organ at Notre-Dame, Paris after a restauration by Cavaillé-Coll Concert by Guilmant together with Widor, Gigout and Sergent
12-08-1894 Guilmant played a Grand Choeur of Boëly as sortie at Sainte-Trinité  
8-9-1894 Completed: Allegro pour Orgue et Orchestre, opus 81 (Meudon)  
  Completed: Sonate nr.5, Opus 80 (Meudon)  
04-11-1894 Guilmant played the Andante opus 3 of Weber during the communion at Sainte-Trinité  
20-06-1895 Completed: Romance sans paroles pour flûte et piano, Opus 85 (Meudon)  
05-09-1895 Guilmant played the Prelude and Fugue in C major BWV 545 of J.S. Bach as a sortie during the service at Sainte-Trinité  
30-10-1895 Completed: Communion: Placare Christe servulis, Opus 65 nr.40 (Meudon)  
27-12-1895 Completed: Final alla Schumann pour orgue et orchestre, Opus 83 (Meudon)  
03-01-1896 Completed: Noël Alsacien 'Schlaff wohl, du Himmelsknabe, du', Opus 93 nr.4 (Meudon)  
March 1896 Ambroise Thomas, director of the Paris Conservatory, died  
March 1896 Théodore Dubois was appointed director of the Paris Conservatory  
16-07-1896 Théodore Salomé died in Saint-Germain-en-Layes  
22-07-1896 Funeral service for Théodore Salomé in the church of Saint-Germain-en-Layes. Guilmant played the organ. He played 'Prelude in E minor' by J.S. Bach and 'Absoute' by Salomé.
06-11-1896 Completed: Vêpres de la Fête de Ste. Cécile, Opus 65 nr.38 (Meudon)  
06-11-1896 Completed: Sortie dans le Style de Bach: Cantantibus organis, Opus 65 nr.39 (Meudon)  
04-08-1897 Completed the introductionary notes of the publication of organ works by André Raison (Meudon) Archives des Maîtres de l'Orgue
18-08-1897 Completed: Sortie: Adoro te devote, Opus 65 nr.45 (Meudon)  
20-08-1897 Completed: Offertoire: Adoro te devote, Opus 65 nr.43 (Meudon)  
  Completed: Sonate nr.6, Opus 86 (Meudon)  
04-11-1897 Guilmant played 'In Paradisum' of Théodore Dubois as offertory in the Sainte-Trinité  
28-12-1897 Guilmant played a concert in the Mendelssohn Hall in New York City in the afternoon Performed solo and together with Emma Juch, singing songs of Guilmant and some other song
25-01-1898 Completed: Offertoire pour le Commun des Confesseurs non Pontifes, Opus 87 (Chicago)  
4-02-1898 Rehearsal for the concert on February 5, People's Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota  
5-2-1898 Organ concert in People's Church, Saint Paul, Minnesota Program: Bach - Prelude & Fugue E-flat; Salomé - Berceuse; La Tombelle - Marche Pontificale; Widor - Andante Cantabile 4th Symphony; Guilmant - Sonate 6; Dubois - Fiat Lux; Chauvet - Marche du Sainte Sacrament; Improvisation on 'Even Song' by Schumann (theme selected by Prof. Titcomb); Improvisation on 'Home sweet home'; Franck - Finale in B-flat
6-2-1898 Guilmant attended the morning service in Saint Paul's Cathedral, Saint Paul, Minnesota Preacher was Archbishop Ireland.
8-02-1898 Organ concert in the Grand Avenue Church, Kansas City, Missouri Handel - 2nd Concerto in B minor; Mendelssohn - Allegretto from 4th Sonata; Bach - Prelude & Fugue in B major; Kirnberger - Chorale in E major; Guilmant - Sonate 6; Brewer - The Woodland Morning (performed by the Apollo Club); Dubois - Fiat Lux; Schumann - Canon in B major; Improvisation on a given theme (given by Carl Busch: a simple and unfamiliar one and 'My old Kentucky home'); Lemmens - Marche Pontificale; Encore: improvisation on 'Home sweet home'
7-03-1898 Guilmant attended a special concert (2.15 pm) in Carnegie Hall, New York, by the Chicago Orchestra conducted by Theodore Thomas Only music by French composers was played
11-03-1898 Guilmant was named 'First honory member of the American Guild of Organists' in New York  
20-03-1898 Completed: Offertoire: Afferentur, afferentur tibi, Opus 65 nr.49 (Meudon)  
March 1898 Guilmant wrote an article 'Organ music and organ playing' Published in 'The Forum' of March 1898 (no.25)
04-05-1898 Guilmant played the dedication concert of the Casavant opus 40 organ in the Cathedral of Saint Jacques in Montréal Today this church is dedicated to Mary, Queen of the world
20-05-1898 Completed: Offertoire - Fantaisie: Veni sancte Spiritus / Factus est repente de coelo sonus / Confirma hoc Deus / Veni Creator Spiritus, Opus 65 nr.56 (Meudon)  
  Completed: Offertoire: Ave Maria, Opus 65 nr.53 (Turin)  
28-06-1898 Inauguration concert of the new organ of the Église Saint-Vivien in Rouen, France The 12 year old Marcel Dupré played Prelude and Fugue in e minor BWV 533 of J.S. Bach during the concert.
03-07-1898 Guilmant played the Fugue in c minor BWV 549 of J.S. Bach as a sortie at Sainte-Trinité  
  Completed: Sortie - Grand Choeur, Opus 65 nr.51 (Meudon)  
26-08-1898 Completed: Interlude et Amen: Miris modis repente liber, Opus 65 nr.52 (Meudon)  
09-10-1898 Guilmant played the inauguration concert of the Cavaillé-Coll organ of the Église Abbatiale in Saint-Sever, France  
11-10-1898 Completed: Offertoire, Opus 90 nr. 1 ()  
31-12-1898 Completed: Laetare Puerpera - Offertoire, Opus 65 nr.57 (Meudon)  
10-05-1899 Completed: Communion, Opus 90 nr.13 (Meudon)  
14-05-1899 First communion of Guilmant's grandson Joseph Sautereau Guilmant played his Communion opus 90 nr.13, composed for this occasion
15-07-1899 Completed: Deo gratias - Fugue et Oraison, Opus 65 nr.58 (Meudon)  
09-10-1899 Foundation of the Guilmant Organ School in New York by William C. Carl In the First Presbyterian Church, Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York
13-10-1899 Aristide Cavaillé-Coll died in Paris  
21-05-1900 Louis Vierne was appointed first organist of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris  
29-07-1900 Guilmant played "Wir glauben all' an einen Gott", BWV 740 of J.S. Bach during the service at the Sainte-Trinité
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