Date Fact Information
18-02-1770 Birth of Johann Christian Heinrich Rinck in Elgersberg, Germany Rinck was part of the chain connecting Guilmant to Bach: Bach - Kittel - Ricnk - Hesse - Lemmens - Guilmant
13-11-1817 Birth of Louis James Alfred Léfébure-Wély in Paris Léfébure-Wély was the organist of the church of La Madeleine in Paris en later of Saint Sulpice.
He died in 1869 and was succeeded by Charles-Marie Widor.
20-04-1825 Marriage of Jean-Baptiste Guilmant (1794-1890) en Marie-Thérèse Poulain (1798-1867) in Boulogne-sur-Mer, parents of Félix-Alexandre Guilmant.  
13-08-1826 Birth of William Thomas Best in Carlisle, United Kingdom Famous British organist, friend of Guilmant. Guilmant dedicated his 'Morceau de Concert', opus 24 to W.Th. Best
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