Pictures of Felix Alexandre Guilmant

Portraits of Guilmant    
A picture of Guilmant in younger years An old picture of Guilmant.
Guilmant in Riga, 1884
Photo: C. Schulz, Riga, 1884
Guilmant in Riga, 1884. He has been playing the large Walcker-organ.
Old Postcard of Guilmant
An old postcard of Guilmant.
Old Postcard of Guilmant
Photo: Casavant Frères
Autographed photograph of Alexandre Guilmant, dated 4 May 1898 at the time he played the dedication recital on Casavant Opus 40 at Saint Jacques Cathedral (now Mary, Queen of the World) in Montréal.
This photograph is published here with the kind permission of Casavant Frères , organ builders in Canada. You can find this picture on their Archives webpage, containing more interesting photographs.
Philadelphia, USA, 1898
Photo: Gutekunst, Philadelphia, 1893
A portrait of Guilmant in Philadelphia, USA in 1898 during his second American tour.
Note: this picture is correct. The one on the startpage has been flipped horizontal for esthetical reasons!
Guilmant with Clarence Eddy, 1898
Photo: Ernest Hergt, Chicago, 1898
A picture of Guilmant with Clarence Eddy during his second American tour in 1898 at the console of the Steinway Hall organ in Chicago.
Guilmant at the console    
At home at the organ in Meudon
Photo: Wizard of the Organ
Reproduction by Agnes Armstrong
Guilmant playing his own house organ in Meudon.
The great Trocadero organ in Paris
Photo: Wizard of the Organ
Reproduction by Agnes Armstrong
Playing the great organ in the Trocadero Palace in Paris.
Saint Louis 1904
Photo: Jessie Tarbox Beals, St.Louis, 1904
Playing the large organ at the Saint Louis Louisiana Purchase Exhibition in 1904 during his third and last American tour. This organ was the largest organ in the world. Guilmant played 40 concerts on the instrument with all different programs. The organ has been rebuild and enlarged (!) and is placed in the Wanamaker Store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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