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The logo of Guilmant This has been the 'logo' of Guilmant. He used it at several places: on top of his letters, on visite cards etc. The notes show the theme F-A-G, meaning Felix Alexandre Guilmant. In his collection 'Pièces Nouvelles' opus 90 he has published a fugue written on this theme.

Program of a Trocadéro concert on June 8, 1903 On June 8, 1903, Guilmant gave a recital at the Trocadéro Palace with a program of works written by Dutch composers: Sweelinck, Van Noordt, Bastiaans, Litzau and De Lange. The last work of the concert was his own 'Marche aux Flambeaux' from the Practial Organist, book 12.
The program is in the collection of the Museon, The Hague and taken from 'De Mixtuur' number 82, April 1996
Click on the picture for a larger version of this program.

Program harmonium concert of January 18, 1901 On January 18, 1901, Alphonse Mustel organised a concert in the Grande Salle Érard in Paris.
Together with Joseph Bizet, Jean Bourbon and Paul Oberdoerffer Guilmant and Mustel played a number of pieces, duo's for two harmoniums, duo's for piano and harmonium and solo harmonium works.
Although Guilmant only played two pieces (Pastorale opus 26 and Songe des Danses from Ariane opus 53, duo piano and harmonium with Alphonse Mustel), his name is printed large on the program. Only Mustel has got his name printed larger.
The program is photographed from "l'Orgue-Expressif ou Harmonium" of Alphonse Mustel, published in 1903.
Click on the picture for a larger version of this program.

Letter announcing the book of the Concerts Historiques On September 9, 1889, Guilmant played a concert at the Trocadéro Palace with music of various composers from different countries and all times. He called the concert "Concert Historique d'Orgue". Works were played of Gabrieli, Palestrina, Merulo, Byrd, Titelouze, Scheidt, Frescobaldi, Muffat, Froberger, Buxtehude, Pachelbel, Dandrieu, Clérambault, J.S. Bach, Boëly, Mendelssohn and Lemmens.
In 1890 Guilmant published a book containing all those works. This letter dated February 1, 1890, was sent to relations to subscribe on the book. There is also a scan of the original 'Bulletin de souscription'.
I found this letter in the collection of the Dutch Organ Museum in Elburg.
Click on the picture for a PDF-file containing both papers.

Catalogue of works published by Schott Most of the works written by Guilmant were published by Schott. In 1890 Schott published a list of all the works of Guilmant available at that time. This list shows the incomplete opus 65 (Organiste Liturgiste), only four Sonatas and two books of the Trocadéro repertoire.
I found this list in the collection of the Dutch Organ Museum in Elburg.
Click on the picture for a PDF-file of this catalogue.

Affiche of the Guilmant Centenaire Concert in 1937 At the centenary of Guilmants birthday (March 12, 1937) a group of students of Guilmant organized an organ concert in the church of Saint Trinité (Guilmant's church) in Paris. At this very night after the concert Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937), colleague of Guilmant and former organist of Saint Sulpice, died.
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