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List of editions of works of Félix-Alexandre Guilmant


Guilmant published his works with different publishers. Most of his composition however were published by himself in co-operation with Schott Frères. The first editions all have A.G.-plate numbers. After Guilmant died the reprints got Schott plate-numbers. In the United States of America most of his work has been published by Schirmer. Some compositions are published only in collections. In our times many reprints of works have occured. The following list is far from complete, but I'm constantly working on completion. Any information concerning this matter is welcome. If you've got any information that's not on this list, or any corrections, please send an e-mail to Piet Bron .
Last revision date: January 27, 2006.

You can choose a publisher from the menu below or on the left. A number of American publishers published organ albums containing one or more compositions or arrangements by Guilmant or just a few books with works by Guilmant. You can find those publishers by clicking on the menu item 'Other American'. The menu item 'Other French' contains a number of French publishers from the nineteenth century, who have only published a few compositions by Guilmant. All publishers that didn't fit in one of these categories, but only published a few compositons (or even one) can be found by the menu item 'Other'.


A.G. List of the AG plate numbers, used by Guilmant for his own publications.
Armelin Contemporary Italian publisher, having some interesting Guilmant publications in their catalogue.
Bärenreiter German publisher, published some albums containing works of Guilmant, but more important: started a new 'urtext' edition of Guilmant organ works.
Durand One of the original publishers of Guilmant works. Durand was the French publisher of the works, that Schott published in other European countries.
Harmonia Dutch publisher, started to publish works of Guilmant in the seventies.
Leduc French publisher that published some transcriptions of Guilmant. The Editions Bornemann also belong to this publisher.
Masters Music American publisher. Reprinted many romantic organ works, including the complete Practical Organist and the Liturgical Organist.
Novello British publisher. Some works of Guilmant have only been published by Novello. Novello also published some organ albums containing these works.
Schirmer The American editions of the original Guilmant albums were published by Schirmer. Later Schirmer also published a lot of albums containing works of Guilmant. A new edition of a number of works was published in the fourties.
Schott Schott is an international publisher, that published the far most of Guilmants works in Europe. After Guilmant died a new edition was published by Schott in 1912/1913. This edition is the most common old edition to be found in Europe. In the eighties Schott started to reprint a number of works, including all Sonatas and the Noels.
Warner Bros One of the first new complete editions of Guilmant was the series edited by Wayne Leupold, published by McAfee. Today this is a part of the Warner Bros Music Company.
Willemsen Dutch publisher. Started to publish a number of popular Guilmant compositions in the seventies.
Other American All other American publications can be found here, including the Amsco Organ Albums, the modern editions of Dover and Belwin Mills and some nineteenth century publications.
Other French All other French editions are old editions, including the first publication of a Guilmant composition by Lebeau and the duo's published by Richault.  
Other Some old, some new. German editions (Otto Junne, Edition Peters, Noetzel Edition, C.L. Werner), Johannes de Heer (Dutch) and the piano works opus 48 by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.  
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