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  1. The Practical Organist exists in two editions: one for reed organ and one for great organ. The original edition is the reed organ edition. Every book has its own opus number. So in the list the pieces are mentioned in the original setting. In the great organ edition the order is different. Behind every title I mentioned the number of the book (b.e. G.O. 2).
  2. Some pieces do not have an opus number. They are mentioned at the start of the list.
  3. There are many compositions of which I don't know the opus number (or maybe they don't have one at all). These works are mentioned at the end of the list.
  4. If I don't know which composition belongs to an opus number, I did mention the number, but without works.
  5. Like many composers, Guilmant did arrange some compositions for different instruments. In the list this is mentioned when known.
  6. Behind the title you will find a date and the name of a place. Guilmant did sign his manuscripts with the place where he was writing, and the date that he finished it. In the original publications he did also print this at the bottom of the music.
  7. At the bottom of the list you will find works of other composers (like old french music) which Guilmant did publish, and a list of transcriptions made by Guilmant.
  8. I am still searching for every piece of music I am missing. Anyone who can help me with corrections and additional information I will give my greatest appreciation.

At the very bottom of the list, you will find a list with compositions by other composers which have been dedicated to Guilmant. This is list is (of course) not complete!

If you've got any information that's not on this list, or any corrections, please send an e-mail to Piet Bron .
Last revision date: August 20, 2007.

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